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Renewable energy: Bangladesh

Lack of electricity in regions like Bangladesh are affecting directly to country population, evolution, growing and economical independence from imported resources. With this shout, we want to place our small contribution to reflect this issue globally...


Objective is to conduct a feasibility study on renewable energy in Bangladesh that will be used by by Dhaka university and other public and private universities as a knowledge base for the future project team. Aim is to relate the technologies available in Bangladesh to meet the needs in the country.

Feasibility objectives:

Aim of the project is looking at long-term sustainable solutions and not short-term solutions.
Main objectives of the feasibility study are two:

  1. Look for a range of renewable solutions that can be used in growing countries: solar, wind, geothermical... biofuel...
  2. Research in which environments can they be created considering two cases:
    • people of this countries purchase system by themselves
    • as project investment, so that our foundation & company joined with government try to promote this elecrtricity generation by opening a national electricity company  

Results during 2010-2011:

ESIEE & E-ARTTIC are proud to be behind the scholarships of these teams:
 - Students: Anton Sergienko, Patrick Chawirah, Farry Argobie, Jean-Baptiste Gayet 
 - Mentors: Derek Mainwaring, Jean-Marc Pointet, Marc Cortes, Tahsin Ahmad. 

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