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ClearlySo in Bangladesh

Why not wind power?


Bangladesh is one of the lowest consumers of energy in the world. The national grid reaches only 35% of the population. In recent years there has been a boom in wind power in India and the Indian government has made the technology available to entrepreneurs and then ensured both linkage to the national grid and sale of supply. Bangladesh has a coastline which stretches 710km which is ideal for wind farms so why are we so slow to realise the potential of this source of power?

There is only one wind farm running commercially in the country at Kutubdia - the Wind Battery Hybrid Power Project (WBHPP), initiated by the Bangladesh Power Development Board and implemented by Pan Asia Power Services Ltd - a Bangladeshi company.

Experience around the world tells us that renewables can play an ever increasing role in power generation. Electricity supplied from wind is about one tenth of the cost of solar and the coastline of Bangladesh is a commercially viable location. 1MW of power daily is currently supplied by Kutudbia sufficient for the upazilla. With a successful example under our belt maybe now is the time to see more wind power in Bangladesh. If you know of any more examples in progress or planned then it would be great to hear about them.

Source: http://www.clearlyso.com(external link)