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Feasibility study of Wind Home System in Coastal Region of Bangladesh


Recent study and analysis on wind energy assessment in Bangladesh show that some of the coastal areas are fairly potential for small scale wind electricity generation system. Wind speed varies from 4m/s to 5.5 m/s at the height between 25m to 50m. Therefore a technical and economical feasibility analysis has been done for small wind home system for the coastal region of Bangladesh. HOMER and RETScreen software and monthly averaged measured wind speed for four coastal locations have been used for this purpose. It has been found that depending on the home users, load demand, capacity shortage and fraction of excess electricity, cost of useful energy varies from 24 to 39 Tk/kWh which is comparable to solar home system and diesel generator system for low scale consumers. Considering diesel system as a base case, for a 400 W capacity of Wind Home System (three home users) in coastal areas at a speed of 5m/s the IRR, pay back period and benefit-cost ratio are found to be around 16%, 8 years and 2 respectively. As the turbine cost decreasing and diesel cost increasing therefore sensitivity analysis also has been done. Results show that considering energy consumption, environmental effects and remote accessibility most of the coastal regions are viable for wind home system.

Source: http://www.homerenergy.com(external link)